Wednesday 26 January 2011

Dedicated to Lenny Henry (if he was poor)

Pessimistic Lenny,
Only had one penny,
Never had much to do,
But then less fortunate others,
With less capital and more brothers,
Think Lenny's penny's a silver spoon.

A quote for if i was a renowned comedian.

Good comedy is like a good massage. Not only in the sense that it is able to ease the soul but in the way that it manipulates to the point of extacy.

Idea for a film

A ball boy at Wimbledon stuns the crowd with a strong backhand smash against Roger Federa. Raphael Nadal, a bystander to the event and Federa's arch nemesis, see's the great feat and pursues the ball boy, in hope of turning the ball boy to the terracotta/orange side (clay court). It is up to Federa to 'ace' his way to the ball boy in the upcoming 'French Toast Open' (sponsored by Ferrero Rocher) in hope that he draws the ball boy in an early round, before it's too late...before clay court is the only side - and everyone knows there has to be two sides to a story...and three sides if it's a shape.

Expect Drama, Passion, Line Calls, Laughter, Contentious Line Calls, and a game that goes to deuce, and then advantage and then back to deuce, and then advantaging to the other player and then deuce again and then the other player finally wins the game and thinks "why didn't i do that in the first place? Stupid me! I'll remember to win more simply in the future. Once again, i'm really baffled by that. Ah well."

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