Tuesday 22 January 2013

Periods of Time.

I have a theory. It's a little controversial.

I have a theory that girls are better time keepers because they have periods; that their menstrual cycle is a biological clock that makes them more punctual then us phallic lot. When a woman has a period, her body is physically telling her that a month has passed since the last time she rid her clunge of stuff.  Men don't have this, our version of the menstrual cycle is generally set by the sporting calendar - which for football is about 10 months - that's 10 periods for women. So women create a kind of 'dot to dot' of menstrual related circumstances.  Lets imagine a man was left by himself in the north pole where it stays light all day and it is hard to notice the seasons change. After a while he wouldn't have a fucking clue how long he had been stranded for. Now let us imagine a woman in the same circumstance...

"Well, i've had 34 periods so it's been about eeeerm.... 34 months."

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