Sunday 4 November 2012

We have now truly entered the digital age.

We are shifting so far into a digitally orientated world that I'm pretty sure my cock and balls have turned into 0's and 1's.  There is no greater sign of the times than BBC's recent termination of the long running clunky, Lego inspired information service known as Ceefax.  The service began in 1974 as a popular anytime information service and eventually became obsolete and ended up only being used by dithering old people who smell like rust and people who accidentally lent on their TV controller.  My personal experience of Ceefax were of it's overnight broadcasts complete with terrible porn-jazz music.  I would get up really early as a kid and just watch Ceefax and graze on cereal, waiting for heavily stereotype driven cartoon Hammerman to air, starring an animated MC Hammer and his magic talking shoes that would turn him into the superhero "Hammerman" when he wore them. Or  alternatively on another channel, I could watch a blue hedgehog that was really fast and enjoyed chilli dogs ... but that one was just fucking stupid and unrealistic.

I feel a little bit sad that Ceefax has gone, but i can't really justify why it should survive. Ceefax had been a dormant gene in the genetic make up of what we now call the Digital Age. A throwback from a previous generation that no longer has a use in its new modern environment of high speed internet connections, smart phones and Shake-Away milkshakes.

This screen shot illiterates how boring this man called John is.

I reported the comment on grounds that he sounds really boring and if you look you'll see he's inciting boringness among at least 28 other people.

Here's some Ceefax "Chillin' Out" music incase you had forgotten its genius.

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