Thursday 9 June 2011


Vinnie licked his dry wound in an attempt to moisten the exposed ligament. This only caused more problems. Due to the veracity of his licking he just so happened to expell the exact resonant frequency needed to completely shatter his own shin and empty his bowels into his dung hamper. Whether the defecation was caused by the resonant frequency or purely the excrutiating pain of a shattered shin was unbeknown to Vinnie, but at this pivotal moment in time this detail was not important to him. It was not the excrutiating pain that left Vinnie unbothered as to the true reason behind the disposal of his sticky, corn-laden excrement - infact the small amount of moisture sweating out of the faeces was a luxury to the juiceless, whithering young man. Considering the unfortunate sequence of affairs that had left Vinnie in such dire circumstances, shitting himself was practically as good as winning the World Cup or the Nobel Peace Prize. What was actually stopping Vinnie from full credence on the stinky brown matter was much more important. The recurring thought striking Vinnie's dehydrated temples was of real importance, and was gaining momentum in his throbbing brain... the thought was growing in intensity - voyaging across his brain - each synapse electrically alerting the next with such energy - as if they somehow knew themselves that this thought was so divine, so exceptional. Neurons were firing in pockets of the brain which up until this moment had been completely barron (other than a small scattering of microscopic, rusting agricultural equipment and fly tipping waste such as washing machines and car batteries). This thought however, could not be uttered; as much as Vinnie wanted to, he couldn't. The thought was irretrievable due to its coding. It was a language that made complete sense in Vinnie's mind but upon explanation, even to himself, it made no sense at all. A combination of complex algorithms, shapes, colours, smells, bagels, haircuts, densities, viscosities, hats and all manner of collective experiences culminated in this epiphany which ran through the squidgey grey matter, never to leave the fortress of Vinnie's dense skull.

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