Monday 8 February 2010

Went To London

It was a fun weekend, but was covered in metaphoric burnt raisins. These burnt raisins firstly came in the form of me oversleeping (shup! it was 5 am). I must have been in a deeper slumber than the time i saw a Narcoleptic sloth that had drunk 2 glasses of wine and inhaled copius amounts of carbon monoxide. I managed to sleep through a 20 minute fire alarm, my phone alarm and numerous minutes of alex banging on my door (shitting on his own face) and shouting my name. I then had the tired audacity to be ratty.

We set off to get a Coach to London at roughly 5.30. FAIL. (burnt raisin No. 2). We ran round the whole of Southampton at various bus stops and kept getting told that 'Greyhound buses don't come here, try...*insert place about 2 miles away*' The coach eventually went straight passed us and Alex got well ratty and punched a brick wall; it wasn't very clever but he wanted to look hard infront of me and mclean because we are alpha males that are well good at fighting and have uber experience in punching walls... yeh.

Booked another coach for about 10. Got on it. yay. Slept the whole way. Got to Alex's mum's flat. It was pretty much impeccable, but i noticed a flaw - extreme amounts of fluff ander the sofa. I obviously don't care, but i was purely shocked at how much fluff there was. It was like a sea of hairy, linty clouds. McLean enjoyed this.

We had well nice steak and watched time team. We went to a nearby pub, and watched England beat Wales in the six nations. Wales are CRAP. We all fancied the barmaids but they liked me best. Shup, yeh they did, she liked my interest in Kurly Kale and my playful, youthful and exuberant banter. We hit london town but had no idea where to go. Got fairly drunk and went to 'The Old School'. It was a cocktail bar and got ripped of for beer (becks bottle = £3.30). We then got outageous cocktails. Mine cost £6.90, it tasted like vishnus earlobe. it was nice.

Got back and done playfighting a bit with mclean then alex punched me in the rib/stomach area, thus rendering me a gasping woodlouce that had been singed with a lighter.

Went to bed listening to my ipod and mclean jumped on to my bed and scared me. ASS.

Had bacon sandwiches which were peng! Went to Brick Lane at about 1. Mclean shat himself and left. Me and alex had a reet good time, and i bought a Zine by Illustrative artist / Doodler - Blu ( Mclean was with us at this point still as it was before he shat himself and left).

Alex bought a salad for £5. Regreted it. Absolute burnt raisin moment.

2 black geezahs approached me and alex trying to sell CD's of their shit Hip-Hop. We weren't convinced so one started freestyling at us; and i have to say that the style that he was freeing certainly didn't agree with my ears pallette. For example, the lyric he started with was 'Woke up in the morning...' Need i say anymore?

Myself and Alex visited a conceptual fashion exhibit which was free and quite funny. It was situated above a rotting, junk infested little courtyard, which we both found very bizzarre. For one of the instillations we had to do a drawing of what we thought the garment felt like. I did it silly and Christina Tso (the woman whose exhibition it was) done a japanese laughs.

I got a chicken burger meal for 1.99 and alex got a pizza meal for 2.99.

Went back home (cb with details) xxxxxxxxx

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