Friday 1 January 2010

It's 2010. Now i've entered a new decade i feel that i should do a little bit more with my rancid mollusc of a life. I want to move up through the ranks of the mollusc world from a poorly maintained Winkle to a well rounded Scallop. Things i want to do in 2010:
  • Make and write short films.
  • Create a short animation (dat shit is gonna be tough)
  • Make a time lapse video.
  • Read books.
  • Create HDR photographs.
This is my aim, although whether I do all this shit and don't act like a recumbant can of opened sweetcorn is a different matter entirely.

Now then. I love food. But what i've come to terms with is the fact i don't really like scotch eggs. I always think i do. I like pork, and i like egg, and i like breadcrumbs, but when brought together it makes me unhappy. Also, i like skittles, but eventually they become well shit. I've found that after about 50 of the fuckers my throat hurts and my tongue feels like i've been licking Ray Mears dried out elbow for a few days.

I started getting world cup fever as soon as it turned 2010. World cup years are always good. Everyone shits themselves with excitement and shit themselves with patriotism and shits themselves with pessimism and optimism, in which case the poo leaves and enters the anus at a rate dependant on how quickly you switch from pessimism and optimism. But firstly, before the world cup, we get treated to The African Cup Of Nations. Actually, its less of a treat and more of an endurance. Watching it is like watching a whole team of Fabian Bhartez, throwing their shoes at the ball and constantly ignoring the offside rule.

Watched Avatar the other day, which is like a totally unrealistic version of the smurfs. It was good but went on so long that i got scurvy in my shin. happy new year people.

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