Tuesday 3 November 2009

Yesterday i went to see Fightstar...I'm not the biggest Fightstar fan but occasionally delve into their music. I'd say a good analogy of where i stand with Fightstar is much like a cat that does a shit in the corner of your room; the cat knows what he is doing is wrong and is going to annoy people within his vicinity, yet he cant help it, he feels the urge and once he has done it he is relieved, but left feeling slightly guilty. Anyhoo... it was quite a good gig and i thoroughly enjoyed throwing my body around as if i was a bowling ball, knocking down scrawny, greasy haired pins. The bars were for some reason never busy, so Mclean and I indulged in a few yeasty beverages; 2 of which Mclean completely spilt - one straight onto his own groin and the other straight to the floor (somehow hitting it out of his own hand). Fuckin stupid. He was annoyed. I laughed and then got annoyed just imagining how annoying that must have been).

Got pretty ratty on the way home due to the train taking about 47687t56q384 Bremnars to get home. Once home i indulged myself via a pack of sliced roast chicken breast I had bought earlier in the day and had forgot to put in the fridge, therefore had to eat loads of it before it went putrid and shitty.


The next morning i went to the toilet to rid myself of ordure, only to find that chocolate cake had been smeared onto the toilet seat and walls. It looked remarkably like poo but the smell was undeniably cakey. I was genuinely really annoyed as it was early morning and i just wanted to drop the kids off at the pool, yet the toilet seat was covered with imitation defecation. Later on at Uni i thought back to the childish scenario of smearing fake poo and found the whole incident hilarious!

Once again, thank you for reading this balsamic sack of piss...although i believe the accepted vernacular for these things are 'Blogs'.

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  1. I think this may be my favourite read to date. Bravo. Keep up the good work.