Wednesday 28 October 2009

night out

Today i woke up a bit cruddy as i went oot aboot toon with McLean... check his blog.

This was my night out:

  1. Numerous amaretto and cokes at flat
  2. 1 Sailor Jerry and Coke at Mono
  3. 4 Sailor Jerry and cokes at Orange Rooms
  4. 1 Bacardi lime and soda at Orange Rooms
  5. 1 shot of mel gibsons tooth decay at Orange Rooms
  6. 1 double vodka and lemonade at Seymours
  7. 1 double vodka and coke at Seymours
  8. 1 shot of acidic blackurrent crap.

  1. Meatball Marinara Subway.

  1. Poked / jabbed fat girl in the butt for a quid, whilst McLean filmed.
  2. Filmed McLean do ridiculous wriggling.
  3. Gave my sock in and won!!!
I have wednesdays off so i shwempt around like an absolute buttock, not doing much and constantly being surprised at how quickly time had passed. Realised about an hour after getting up that i won 4 VIP tickets to see Plastician (dubstep artist) at Orange due to handing my sock into the anouncer quickest. So hopefully that'll be a tolerable event when im drunk... having said that he has one song called 'Japan' that i quite like and a fucking hilarious song featuring 'Skepta' called 'Intensive Snare'. "Are you stupid in the face?" and "Im a bad man, you're a penis, your whole crew smell like faeces" are just two beautiful insights into such lyrical genius commonly found in the grime / dubstep genre.

I went to Asda with Alex in the evening and I was annoyed at the complete lack of stir fry and the audaciously outrageous prices of meat and cheese. Then i got ratty because i forgot to buy salt. There are 10 people living in our flat yet we dont have any salt - not a pinch. LOLZ.

Looking forward to eating bacon tomorrow though.

Good night readers xxxx

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