Monday 26 October 2009

I done it coz he did it.

Hello and welcome to my brand spankingly shit's not shit. I have never been too interested in creating a blog... but then after reading Rambui's blog i realised they can do a sillys, and are quite entertaining... to me a 'blog' means 'Butt-Log', which is fitting because i will mainly talk shit and literally log certain interesting aspects of my bowel movements.

Anyway, I have had a pretty 'meh' sort of day, although i suppose at points it reached the heavy heights of 'mah.' Having woken up hideously tired and lacking milk,(fuck sake), i went to uni feeling more groggy than sleep deprived cray-fish. Had a lecture about Gilbert & George and then went to get a coffee - BLUNDER! Bought a tall latte and then, hastily realising it needed copius amounts of sugar, i went to place it on a side unit which housed sugar, stirrers, napkins and other coffee orientated niceities. Little did i realise there was a small hole to bin your cups and soiled napkins...plop, there goes my latte straight into the bin without a sip taken. It was irretrievable, no lid on the cup. Luckily they gave me another one...yeh thats what i thought, pricks.

In the afternoon, needing to take photographs for my project, (due in tomorrow) i decided to take photographs of a decrepid and venerial old tramp (no, not Barack Obama). He was happy to be snapped for a small fee, openly admitting he would spend it on beer.... of course i was shocked that such a fine upstanding citizen would want an intoxicating beverage in the early afternoon, but we're all different i suppose! He had a woolen jumper which i actually really liked, and a selection of miscellaneous stains which i didnt like so much. I saw him again on the way back from Uni and he gave me money to go and buy him a can of Tennants Beer. This felt pretty weird, i had switched roles in the age old partnership of teens asking tramps to buy them alcohol for a small fee / portion of the drink. I bought it for him then he hobbled off with his favourite 9% lager.

When i got back to my halls of residency i ate a tasty dinner of reformed lamb steak things, beans which i had stored in a glass in the fridge for some days and some chips that are sliced as if they are a cross sections of testicles. I began writing this blog in the prescence of Rob Mclean (Rambui Blogger) and when explaining my trampy happenings he coined the tramps name. His name is 'Boingy'.

Thanks for reading and look out for more infrequent ramblings of my inconsistent brain.

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